Bloomberg's Apple expert Mark Gurman has published new information about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7, and the improvements we can expect from its upgraded screen.

The site begins by confirming previous rumours that the watches will come in slightly increased size choices: 41mm and 45mm, compared to 40mm and 44mm for the current range (itself an increase on the 38mm and 42mm options offered before the launch of the Apple Watch Series 4).

But it's important to note that the size options presented to customers (40mm and 44mm, or 41mm and 45mm) are a measure of the height of the case, not the size of the screen itself. And Bloomberg goes on to explain that the actual screen area available is about to increase by a far larger margin than that extra millimetre would suggest.

The site reveals that the screen on the 45mm model measures 1.9in diagonally, compared to 1.78in on the current 44mm model. The resolution, meanwhile, will increase from 368 x 448 (on Series 5 and 6) to 396 x 484 (on Series 7). Put together, these figures mean we're about to get 16% more pixels and 14% larger screen area.

The larger screens will be exploited to the full with a range of new faces that will be exclusively available on the Series 7:

  • Modular Max: A larger variant of Infograph Modular that shows two major complications covering the entire width of the screen together with a digital clock.
  • Continuum: A face that changes appearance depending on the time of day.
  • Atlas or World Timer: World clock that shows what time it is anywhere in the world at the same time, either digitally or analogue.

In response to the Bloomberg report, 9to5Mac posted a series of mockups illustrating the expected size increase and new faces, including the one at the top of this article and the below mockup of the Modular Max.

Apple Watch Series 7 Modular Max mockup by 9to5Mac

The Apple Watch Series 7 is cautiously expected to be unveiled alongside the iPhone 13 at a virtual event later in September - although we hear that suppliers have run into production difficulties and the announcement and/or shipping of the new watch may be delayed.

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This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation and additional reporting by David Price.